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ND-1 Nova Delay. multi-feature programammable studio quality day pedal. Features 6 different delay types: Delay line, Dynamic, Reverse, Ping-pong, Pan, Slap-back Manual and preset switchable settings 9 user programmable presets Audio Tapping - audio-generated tap tempo Up to 2290 ms delay time

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Status: In production

Type: Delay


Street Price: $169.99

Avg Used Price: $120.00


Controls: Delay | Feedback | Color | Modlevel | Mixlevel buttons: manual | preset | type | subdiv switches: on/off | tap tempo



The ND-1 Nova Delay pedal is a full featured and programmable delay pedal. Modeled after the TC electronic 2290 rack unit. It is a studio quality delay but in a compact floor pedal design.


The pedal easy to use, but with all the features rolled up into this pedal I took a look at the manual the manual. There are 6 different types of delay offered. Delay line, Dynamic, Reverse, Ping Pong, Pan, and Slap Back. Preset - or manual modes, with 9 user programmable presets. Delay types can be customized with subdivision settings. 3 different Mod style which adds modulation to the delay to produce a rich and unique sound.


High quality sound with nice decay on the delay repeats. The color control sweeps from a Tape sound, to analog, to digital. The dynamic delay setting drops down the effect level while you are playing and bumps it back up once you stop.


Very solid construction, metal case, high end components, sturdy controls, and switches.


Currently in production and available.

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This was my main delay pedal for years