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The AF2 Paul Gilbert Signature AIRPLANE Flanger is a collaboration between Paul Gilbert and Ibanez that produces a wide range of flange modulation effects. From subtle to extreme, the effect unit has it. Make sure you have your seatbelt fastened for the "Take Off" Mode.

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Status: In production

Type: Flanger

MSRP: $214.27

Street Price: $149.99

Avg Used Price: $95.00


Manual Knob | Speed Knob | Range Knob | Enhance Knob | On/Off switch | Taxi/Takeoff switch



The Ibanez AF-2 Flanger from Ibanez in partnership with Paul Gilbert offers a wide ranges a flange tones. The unit is very reminiscent of the Ibanez JL-70 Jetlezer model from the 70’s, and brought into modern production. The AF-2 produces big sweeping flanges and has a wide range of controls to customize the sound.


Taxi mode has a wide range between heavy flange, and chorus modulation, cranked up the modulation effect gets crazy. The takeoff mode simulates a whammy pitch bend, and modulation.


Metal case, and very well made. High-end parts, and knobs.


Ibanez teamed up with Paul Gilbert to create the dramatic sounds of the AF-2.


In production and available at Ibanez dealers

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