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The Custom Badass ’78 Distortion pedal produces a classic distortion sound and old school tube amp-like distortion. Hot-rodded circuit, with a crunch button to add extra harmonic overtones to the distortion.

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Status: In production

Type: Distortion

MSRP: $114.28

Street Price: $79.02

Avg Used Price: $50.00


Output Knob | Tone Knob | Distortion Knob | crunch button | True Bypass Switch


Pedal review: Overview:

The Dunlop MXR 78’ Distortion was released in 2011. One of the first factory Custom Shop line of pedals. Hot-rodded in the factory to add extra gain and flexibility.


The Custom Badass ‘78 distortion produces an overdriven tube amp sound. The pedal has a wide range of gain and tone range. The distortion is very punchy, produces rich harmonics overtones.


Very Metal casing, and very well made. Modern circuit board manufacturing, and very solid components.


The Custom Badass ‘78 Distortion is available at music stores that are an authorized Dunlop dealers, and well as online stores. Used models can regularly be found on Ebay, and Reverb.

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