The   Electro-Harmonix   Deluxe Memory Man (Original 1970's model)   Delay | Chorus | Vibrato

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The original Deluxe Memory Man is a classic pitch and delay pedal. Completely analog so it has a very warm sound.

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Status: Discontinued

Type: Delay | Chorus | Vibrato


Street Price: NA

Avg Used Price: $450.00


Level | Blend | Feedback | Delay | Chorus- Vibrato | On/Off | Chorus/Vibrato switch |



The Original Deluxe Memory man released in the 70’s is an analog delay and chorus pedal. It produces a super warm delay and is the definition of an analog delay sound.


Easy to use. The pedal has two sections Delay, and Pitch modulation (Chorus or Vibrato) There are 5 controls. A Level control for the volume, note that it is easy to clip the signal and there is an overload LED that shows if it is clipping. Blend is the mix of the delay signal, Feedback controls the number of repeats, and Delay controls the length of the delay time. There is a selector on the back for switching between Chorus or Vibrato. The Chorus-Vibrato controls the speed of the oscillation of the effect.


The Tone of the delays are very warm and rich for the mid’s and low’s. Modern delay pedal’s and be very bright and sound very mechanical, this is way more loose and open.


Metal casing, but there controls need to be handled with care. This is more due to the age of the page. Ungrounded with a 2 prong AC cord. This pedal was produced before the industry moved to using 9V batteries, or AC adaptors.


Original discontinued, but there are reissues in production. Very Collectable

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