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The Dispatch Master released in 2011 by EarthQuaker Devices is a Reverb and Delay pedal that produces a thick layering of lush reverb and digital delay.

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Status: In production

Type: Delay / Reverb


Street Price: $185.00

Avg Used Price: $99.00


Reverb | Repeats | Mix | Time | Bypass



The Dispatch Master by EarthQuaker Devices is the perfect box for creating huge rolling sounds. With it’s mix of big reverb, and digital delay grand soundscapes roll out of your amp.


Very warm sounding reverb, which ranges from subtle to a huge chamber. The delay mixes very well with the reverb with a great decay on the echos. The delay time ranges from 0ms - 1700 ms giving great flexibility to match your beat. The Repeat control increases the regeneration of the delay signal, and greatly enhances the reverb. There is a mix control that blends the overall mix between the direct signal and the effect. The unit can be used as just a reverb by turning down the Time control all the way down. In this mode the repeats knob still increases the thickness of the reverb. Of course the on/off control is a true bypass switch.


The pedal is very well made, metal case, the knobs have a great feel The unit needs an external power. It uses a the standard AC adapter 9V DC power with a center negative 2.1 mm barrel style plug. The instructions note not to use higher voltages. The current draw is about 100ma.


Released in 2011, The Dispatch master is in production and available in both stores and online. With a street price of $185.

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Awesome big sounds, like a wave of reverb crashing on the beach.