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The Ibanez DL-10 Digital Delay pedal is an early delay pedal from the 80's. With a delay time range from 70 msec to 400 msec.

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Dl10 1

Status: Discontinued

Type: Delay


Street Price: NA

Avg Used Price: $60.00


Delay Knob | Repeat Knob | Delay Level Knob | Bypass switch



The DL10 is an early example of a digital delay pedal. Offering a delay time range from 70 msec to 400 msec. The pedal can be used in mono to stereo modes.


easy to use: The pedal has 3 controls. D-time which controls the delay time. Repeat which controls the number of echoes that are repeated. D-level which controls the volume level of the effect. Described as a Doubling or Slapback Echo in the manual. Sample settings are:

REVERB | D-time: 2 Repeat: 6 D-level 8 |

SLAPBACK | D-time: 3 Repeat: 2 D-level 6.5 |

ECHO | D-time: 9 Repeat: 5 D-level 5 |


The pedal signal is very clean and does not change the overall tone. The echo effect is very clear, and bright.


Metal Case, top knobs are plastic, Input jacks are metal and plastic. Large footswitch for the on/off switch.


Discontinued. Available used.

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