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The Dyna comp M102 has been a standard for Nashville studio guitarist for many years. It will even your signal, increase sustain.

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Status: In production

Type: Compessor

MSRP: $114.28

Street Price: $74.43

Avg Used Price: $50.00


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The MXR M102 originally released in 1972 is road tested and the compressor pedal of choice for many a touring and studio musician. When the pedal is on it stabilizes your signal and increases your sustain. Turned all the up it even overdrives the signal a bit. This is one of those pedals you can always leave on.


Super easy to use. The pedal has two controls. Output for volume, and Sensitivity for the amount of effect.


Warm and rich tones, adds a nice extra ring to each note. Evens out the low and high notes well with the compression, while added sustain to each note.


Rugged case, compact design. Super well made.


In Production and available at Dunlop Dealers.

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