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The Nebulus is a high quality, modern design Chorus, Flanger, and Vibrato pedal. The pedal can store up to 8 presets of your favorite settings.

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Status: In production

Type: chorus | Flanger | Vibrato


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Mix knob | Rate Knob | Depth Knob | Output Knob | Mode switch | Submode Switch | Tone Switch | Special Switch | Preset switch | Bypass Switch



The Nebulus is a modulation effect with Chorus, Flanger and Vibrato settings. Highly programmable with two tweakable modes for each effect. With all those options, you can save up to 8 presets for easy retrieval.


Easy to get going, but reading the manual can make use of all the features. 4 control knobs, Mix of the over all dry and effect signal mix, Rate for the speed of the effect, depth for how big the swell is, and output for the total volume. 4 selector switches. Mode: Chorus |Vibe | Flanger. Submode a|b|c. Tone: bright |clean|Warm. Special Little | none | Lots.


Lush Chorus, big flanging, and vibrant vibrato these is a lot in this little pedal. The Submode is where it get’s interesting. There are a total of nine variants of combinations of effects. Through in the special switch which adds more options there are 27 different modes for the effects.


Metal case, High end components, compact design.


In Production

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