The   VOX   Satchurator   Distortion

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Modern high-gain overdrive pedal built in partnership between VOX and Joe Satriani. Producing a wide range of overdrive from high gain distortion to subtle blues and rock tones.

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Status: Discontinued

Type: Distortion


Street Price: NA

Avg Used Price: $54.00


Gain | Tone | Volume | Pad switch | on/off switch | more switch



The VOX Satchurator is the signature Joe Satriani overdrive pedal.

Use Easy to use. six controls:
  • GAIN Knob : Controls the first stage of gain.
  • TONE Knob : Controls the tonal range Low to High.
  • VOLUME Knob : Volume controls the overall volume output of the pedal.
  • PAD Selector : Switching a Pad to maintain levels when in-line with other effects. Down the Pad is off. Switch up when behind another pedal such as a Wah.
  • MORE selector: Boosts the gain level. kind of like turning it to 11.
  • ON: Engages and disengages the effect.

Versatile range of gain settings. Levels can be controlled from blues to outer space. Two levels of gain. The on/off selector engages the first level of gain, and more selector layers on additional gain.


Metal Case, solid construction, built to last.


Discontinued, Available on the used on Reverb and Ebay.

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