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The swollen pickle is a Fuzz distortion offering super high gain Fuzz, with added sustain to make you notes sing. Added options are scoop knob and Crunch to send it over the top. One of the most sought after pedal in the Way Huge line.

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Status: In production

Type: Fuzz | Sustainer

MSRP: $185.70

Street Price: $129.00

Avg Used Price: $96.00


Loudness | Sustain | Filter | Scoop | Crunch |



Way Huge rose to fame in the 90's as a premiere boutique pedal manufacturer, producing gorgeous designs and developed a cult following in the industry. Purchased by Dunlop, that Way Huge line has grown in popularity. The swollen pickle with it's distinctive high gain Fuzz and versatile options allow a player to craft their individual sound. The pedal is as beautiful on the inside as the out. Masterfully constructed with a modern circuit board design and outstanding craftsmanship.


The basic controls are easy to control. easy to get a great sound fast.


One of the most versatile Fuzz boxes, the scoop and crunch controls add a huge amount of control. With a twist of a knob you can from super thick to an even mix.


Way Huge is known for producing some of the best-constructed pedals available. The manufacturing quality is top notch. Metal casing, and high-end components


Currently in production and available.

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I love this pedal, it is one of my favorites in the collection and always holds a spot on my live rig.