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The TS-808 Tube Screamer is produced by Ibanez and is a classic overdrive pedal used by countless musicians. Ibanez has released various medals within the Tube Screamer line, starting in the 70’s, 80's, reissued in the 90's and is in production today. The TS-808 is known for it’s warm tones, and mid-range boost which has made it a favorite among blues and rock players.

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Ts808 2

Status: In production

Type: Overdrive

MSRP: $257.13

Street Price: $149.86

Avg Used Price: $120.00


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The Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer released in late 1970’s discontinued in early 80’s. The TS-808 reissue faithfully reproduces the original using the JRC-4558 chip. The pedal produces a classic sound of an overdriven tube amplifier. The pedal has basic controls a level knob, Tone knob, and overdrive knob. It’s sound is known for its mid-boost and medium drive. most closely associated with Blues and Rock players such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, The edge of U2.


The TS-808 gives a very warm sounding overdrive. It is even and smooth even with the tone knob all the way up. The gain can be very subtle and be just a boost to the signal up to a bluesy crunch so closely associated with Stevie Ray Vaughan’s sound. By rolling the volume knob of your guitar the gain reacts in tone giving a wonderful dynamic quality and responsiveness.


Very well made, metal case, and has the distinctive square lever that acts as the bypass switch.


The TS808 was the original tube screamer creating a long lineage of models to follow it. The original pedals have become very collectible and are becoming rare fetching close to a thousand dollars.


In production and available online and through retail stores


The tube screamer was designed by Mr. S.Tamura. The Tube Screamer uses electronic field-effect transistor (FET) bypass switching. The circuit uses transistor buffers at both the input and the output. The overdrive is produced using a variable gain operational amplifier ("op-amp") circuit with matched diodes in the feedback circuit to produce soft, symmetrical clipping of the input waveform. The overdrive stage is followed by a simple low-pass filter and active tone control circuit and volume control. The sound is closely associated with the use of the JRC4558D IC chip, although different chips have been used through the years also. The TA75558 chip is pictured with the TS9 that was reviewed.

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