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The Whammy DT allows you to change the pitch dynamically with the foot pedal (The whammy part of the pedal), or up or down 7 half step intervals, or a full octave. The Detune part of the pedal.

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Status: In production

Type: pitch detune

MSRP: $449.95

Street Price: $299.95

Avg Used Price: $220.00


Whammy detune foot controller | Whammy interval control | Detune interval control | Drop tune of?off | Momentary switch | Whammy on/off |



The Whammy DT combines the expression pedal whammy that allows you to emulate the pitch bends of a whammy bar, as well as an incremental Detune that detunes your instrument by fixed intervals.


Easy to use. There are really two sides to the pedal. The Whammy side is controlled by the expression pedal and the Detune side that has a control knob for the interval you want to Detune and the on/off selector switch.


The Whammy is a very dramatic effect. You can bend notes by steps or octaves. The expression pedal can be used to make subtle bends and vibrato, or all the way to multi octave dave bombs. The Whammy pedal is highlighted by Tom Morello’s recordings with Rage Against The Machine.


Heavy duty metal case. Rugged and road worthy construction.


In Production. Available at Digitech authorized dealers.

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